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The ROCKSTAR treatment begins the moment you contact us. All you have to do is call, text or email. To make the estimating process as quick and painless as possible, please submit a few pictures of the damage, from a couple different angles, as well as the make/model/year of your vehicle. You may email, or text the pictures. We understand that it can sometimes be hard to photograph small dents, so feel free to call! 


As soon as we receive your request for a quote, we will respond as quickly as we can, and we usually are able to have an appointment booked in a matter of minutes. For some large dents and hail damage, we may have to schedule an appointment for an accurate estimate. We respect your time and promise to be on time for your appointment, or you will receive a discount. Quite often we are able complete smaller repairs the same day or next day!

Once we arrive to your location, we will go over the repair process with you and be completely transparent with all expectations. For dents smaller than three inches, you can usually expect the repair to be finished within an hour or two. We can come to your house, your work, or meet you in the middle. 

The PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL (PDR) process can consist of a few different techniques. The primary method is to gain access to the inside of the damaged panel, and massage the metal back to its original form with special rods, specially designed for these repairs. Another process is to use glue to pull the metal back to its original form from the outside. Most of the time a combination of these techniques is used to get the best repair possible. 




In order for your damage to be repairable with PDR, there must be little to no paint damage. Door dings, small creases and hail damage are almost always repairable to the point of being invisible. Larger dents are taken on a case by case basis, but can usually be significantly improved, if not repaired entirely. We do NOT do any kind of paint repair, so if your paint is damaged, we can only straighten out the metal. Small amounts of paint damage can be slightly touched up. Otherwise we will happily refer you to a reputable body shop!


It's really less about what PDR costs, and more about how much money PDR can save you versus conventional filler and paint repair at a body shop! Dents under the size of a quarter on most domestic and Asian (non luxury) vehicles start at as little as $125, and can be repaired on your schedule, at your home, or at your work! Moving up from there really depends on the damage, but don't hesitate to ask for a quote! We do offer discounts for multiple dents on the same car, as well as discounts for having multiple vehicles repaired in the same visit!


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